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So what if you do have more than one blog and post duplicate content…?

I like to write and I have multiple blogs tailored to certain facets of my life: crochet, family, quirky things in life, etc.. And many times I go ahead and post something I think is great or entertaining to more than one of my blogs. I’m not really a technical person – I just see the internet and my computer as useful tools and I tend to organize my activities and parts of my life into groups. Helps me focus and manage my time and I’m one of those personalities that tends to have a variety of seemingly unrelated interests. I can’t claim to know all the ins and outs of internet this and that and tools, etc., or even a thimble full. But I’m learning.

My Twitter friend @WieberArt posted a link this morning to an article that I not only found helpful, but it taught me something I was ignorant about. That there’s a consensus out there that you shouldn’t have more than one website with the same or similar content due to a potential “penalty” from Google. Really? I had no idea. However, this article, complete with a video direct from Google, explains this idea as mostly a myth and the hows and whys. It does seem, however, that duplicate content does have an impact. Go check out the article and listen to the video to get a complete understanding.  (I did it while doing the dishes this morning.)

I don’t know that I’ll necessarily change how I do things that much, but it adds another tidbit of knowledge I didn’t have before.

The article is called: Duplicate Content: Myth and Mystery Resolved; Posted by Vicki in Social Media Marketing

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