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Make it a Habit…

I once saw a poster in a restroom at the hospital while I was waiting for my mother to come out of surgery. And I thought it was very appropriate to apply to most anything in life, including how we think about habits at home. It was about washing hands and it said “Make it a habit so it doesn’t become a chore.” A principle that could apply anywhere – right? It’s so simple and so powerful (and so important). When things become habit, they no longer take the same effort anymore.

I realize I’m out of a lot of habits. And I don’t just mean because I’m on crutches and limited mobility right now. I got tired and emotionally and physically worn out. I don’t keep up with a lot of things I used to. Some things, yeah – were rightfully dropped along the way-side. Others, I miss. Like writing letters on a regular basis. Or writing in my journal (which I guess this blog kind of helps with now). Or reading daily. Or calling my relatives on ocassion. Or bed-time stories and dancing with my children, who are now tweens.

I got out of habit with a lot of things while my husband was deployed the few times he was. I was so tired and just hurt so much emotionally, and there was so much I had to take care of. I could barely keep my head on straight and I got through my days one minute at a time. It was the only way.

But now, I want to recapture a few things I miss. Before it’s too late.

And the only way I know how is to retrain myself… and make it a habit.

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