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WAHM Monday….

WAHM Monday…

A load of laundry, a load of dishes, a load of crap hauled out to the curb.
Empty the litter boxes, fold up the clothes, grab the sticky roller for fur.
Pull up the covers, grab a dust mitt, it’s just the beginning of chores
Wipe the sinks, the toilets and mirrors, time to vacuum the floors

Time for papers, and posting the mail, bills just make me annoyed
Fundraisers to bake, meetings I hate, newsletters I’d rather avoid
Work on my business, pick up the kiddos, time for homework and lunch
“How do you do this?” “I forgot that.” “He’s touching me so I gave him a punch!”

Did you turn in your papers? Have all your textbooks? Is there something I need to sign?
Get your homework done before Daddy gets home. Something for dinner I still need to find.
“Reduce your stress!” My doc says is best. I wonder if he realized the feat?
Dinner’s in place. Take out is great! At least I know we’ll all eat!

Copyright © 2009 by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.
Categories: Family, Humor
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