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My Leg is Killing Me Today: What I Learned About Popliteal Cysts…


I gotta get in a blog post for NaBloPoMo/NaBloWriMo before things get too crazy, so you’ll just have to suffer with my latest leg/knee report.  😉

Well, so I got this super-duper awesome sports quality brace to help me get around more, while still protecting my knee.  But maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.  My leg started really hurting in new ways last night.  Starting behind my knee.  There’s been a pocket of fluid there already.  But it began feeling like a pressurized knot and started moving further down the back of my leg deep into my calf.  It kept me up all night.  Not like the joint pain in the knee which kills me mostly when I move.  This pain continues to grow while I’m being still, and it feels like my leg is about to explode like “Alien” or something.  Totally different pain and it’s not a Charlie horse. 

Started to scare me a bit.  I had to go in last year for ultrasounds because they were worried about deep vein thrombosis.  They didn’t find any, only superficial varicose veins.  But they didn’t ultrasound behind my knee, which is where I hurt the most even then.  But I’ve never hurt anything like this before.  So I can’t help but worry that I’ve really done something.  And wrapping my leg/knee, or using the brace or the knee immobilizer only makes it worse.  And it doesn’t help that a friend of mine died unexpectedly (way too young) from a DVT last year.

I called my ortho’s office and talked to his nurse.   Didn’t mention anything about my fears.  Just wanted him to listen to the symptoms and tell me whatever.  Well, they want me to come this afternoon and check it out.  Said he didn’t want to scare me, but that what I told him made it obvious they should check it out.  So I head over in about another hour.

However, I got to searching on the internet and found something very interesting.  Apparently when a Popliteal Cyst bursts, it has all the same symptoms of a deep vein thrombosis.  A Popliteal Cyst is basically a pocket of fluid behind the knee, which I think is safe to say I definitely have that.  Even after bursting, it can reform.  Anyway, it all made total sense and reassured me a bit after reading this article about it:


Still, I’m dying. Not only does my knee-joint hurt, but my entire leg is on fire and pressurized like it’s about to explode. Seriously, I feel it’s going to tear itself apart from the inside out. 

So we’ll see what the doc has to say.

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