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Good Thing My Husband Likes Tan Lines….

So today I was out at E.A.S.T. – the East Austin Studio Tour. My group was kindly hosted at Smith Road Studios – in the same warehouse Tito’s Vodka is housed in. And incidentally, there was free vodka! But alas, I tweaked my knee again yesterday (badly) and had to take my pain killers to get through today. So there was no free vodka in my future. (sigh) Leaves me wondering with how sore my leg was today, even with the supposed pain killers, if I might not have been better off with the vodka instead…? Ah well….

E.A.S.T. is a neat little event, where artists open up their studios all over east Austin for folks to come by and see what’s being worked on and meet the artists in person. Faith Schexnayder of Flat Fork Studios kindly invited our EtsyAustin group out to participate at her place. And our group of little artisans did demos as well.  Brandy of Pigsey Art does a sweet little demo on how to make your own handmade notebook with old wallpaper.  She’ll be doing it again tomorrow, so if you’re in the area, drop on by.

Today I did a little crochet demo representing my slice of PixieWorx and Aberrant Crochet, crutches and all. The crowd had died down by then, so I only talked to a few people about some more advanced techniques and ideas.

However, it got warm in spite of the supposed cool front.  And here I was surrounded by soft, warm, wooley hats and scarves and burning to a pink crisp.

Ah, such is the crochet life in Central Texas.

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