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YOU MUST PET THE HATS! (Just Don’t Feed Them….)

This was the sign I made today for my hat tree at our show at E.A.S.T.   It gave everyone permission to touch my work and loosen up a little too.  Plus gave me a great intro into my Goblin Hat line with the little stories about my gobbly spooks.  I think it really helped!  I’m glad I did it.

I understand that most people are polite when they are shopping at any kind of show/event, but there’s no way to tell how truly different my work is by looks alone.   It’s all in the touch.  Creamy, luxurious, silky, snuggly – all are words that just aren’t enough to describe the dreamy feeling I strive for in my work.

Which is really frustrating when it comes to photography and writing descriptions.  You can’t see in two-dimensional photography how soft something is, or even all the textural details and work.   And I find that words are limiting too. 

How do you describe something that is a tactile experience?  Without sounding like a KY commercial?  That is my challenge as I try to maintain an online store while we try to get ourselves moved before March.  Up ’till this year, I’ve really relied on selling in person where it always makes a huge difference.

Speaking of moving, another house in the neighborhood we want to move into just became available.  We want to go look at it.  Four bedrooms, lots of space – I can’t wait to see it!  I might just get to have a studio all to myself after all!!  I was telling someone today it’s my dream to just open a cabinet and pull out the yarn I want, instead of having to unpack and re-pack a multitude of boxes and bags.  It’s so close I can almost taste it!

It was a great show at E.A.S.T., by the way.  Met some incredible people.  Got to be a part of some awesome memories.  I’m too tired to really write about it now, so I’ll save it for later.

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