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The Fairy House Mother Smiled Upon Me Today….

Well, we’ve been wrestling with circumstances, mostly, to get our roof replaced since a bad hail storm back in the spring.  Which has been frustrating, because it is one of the main things holding us back from being able to put our house on the market.  And it was a doozy of a storm.  I still have the dents in my Cutlass to prove it. 

So anyway, we can’t sell the house with the roof all jacked up.  At first after the storm, we didn’t think we needed to call our insurance.  Didn’t notice any leaks or anything.  Then later, we started noticing that the entire neighborhood was getting their roofs replaced.  Some neighbors and roofers working on all our neighbor’s houses made a point of talking to us and telling us we had damage and needed to call our insurance company, so we did.  Turned out, sure enough, there wasn’t just some damage, there was a lot.  In fact, they are paying to replace the entire roof. 

But then, we ran into a snag.  We have one of those notorious older homes in the historical district of our town.  Where there’s always some hidden something and a story to go along with it.  Feels like I’ve been to hell and back with this house so far.   One room tried to fall off the house, another was on the verge of collapsing when we finally found out what was going on there (one month after John deployed – lucky dude got to miss all the evacuating fun), replacing the water main, loads of plumbing, walls with no insulation, threshold….  You name it, I doubt we don’t already know it anymore. 

So anyway, the roof….  Turns out we have three layers of roofing – two on top of cedar shakes.  The cedar shakes have to be removed and replaced with decking.  But this line item was neglected on the initial insurance estimate.  I tried to get them back out to correct the estimate, but they refused to come out unless there was a “representative” contractor on my part to prove they did neglect anything.  However I hadn’t finished getting all my quotes and interviewing roofers.  And I had no idea who I trusted to “represent” me at the time.  So it was wait until I could get all the quotes. 

But then it suddenly finally started raining, after the long-long drought, and because peoples’ roofs were leaking all over the place, every roofer in town was back-logged.  So I had to wait.  And then there were some communication mix-ups with emails and faxes.  Finally I got all the information I needed from everyone and chose my representative guy.  He was the most knowledgeable and professional and happened to be a licensed adjuster too.  So I felt he could definitely “speak the language.”  And his company is considered the best.  So I’m all for them doing the work. 

So we called insurance to get them out and called my rep to make their schedules work.  But my insurance called back and said they couldn’t meet, and we’d have to wait a couple weeks.  And then I fell and wrenched my knee.  (sigh)  So “kneed-less” to say, I was not focusing on getting the roof issue taken to the next step.  This week was going to be my week to catch up on everything I could now that I’m not seeing one doctor or another every couple of days and my head is clearer.  Amazing how foggy you can feel when your body is on fire.

So I’m working away this morning and Hubby calls me and says, “remember, the insurance guy is going to be there at 3:15.”  Say what?  Oh let me tell you, I was not happy.  I know darn well no one said word one to me.  And on top of that, no one had talked to our contractor rep to see if he could be there.  So I was definitely freaking a little. 

But it worked out fine.  Our rep made it out, insurance guy looked around and agreed and apologized that the last guy didn’t do it right.   Everything is going to be covered, even our radiant barrier we had put in last year.  Which was another big deal.  When they rip off the cedar shakes, we’ll lose the radiant barrier we paid for. 

On top of that, the insurance guy made a point of expediting the paperwork and came back with the estimate and check like an hour later.  I just have to take care of one last thing, because they need estimates of the cost of radiant barrier, both the spray on kind and the ply wood board kind.   It’s actually not in their system.  Once they receive that, it’ll be a done deal. 

I can’t believe, after all this stress and time and even with the disaster of my fall which held up everything, this actually suddenly wrapped itself up without much effort from me. 

Thank you fairy house mom!  😉

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