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When the Kids Steal My Camera….


You never know what might show up!

I love my kids.  They are so much fun!  Really!  I’m just amazed sometimes at what cool and intelligent people they are growing up to be.  Not that I really have anything to do with it.  It’s a really weird and humbling experience at times.  I just hope that I empower and support them to realize their fullest potential, of the souls they truly are.  Not conform to something they think others want.  Within reason of course.  I want them to behave!

I guess they did pick up my sentimentalism though.  Because they hate getting rid of anything.  Clothes, baby toys (they are 10 and 12 now), drawings, creations.  Now, let me be clear, I didn’t say they don’t get rid of anything.  They do.  They have no choice in the matter.  Every year we require when new toys and items come into their lives to bless them, it is time to let something go (that’s not broken) to bless others.  Though I’m sentimental, I’m not a fan of hoarding.  If you’re keeping it, but never going to actually use or enjoy it and you’re not storing it for someone important, then you need to let it bless someone else.  I’m just saying. 

But anyway, about letting things go.  One of the things I know makes it hard for the kids (and for me) is the memory behind each item.  This even goes for my son, who is the Lego mastermind engineering personality of our home.  He eats, lives, and breathes “building” things.  Anything.  And out of anything.  But especially Legos.  However, once built, it is so hard for him to take it apart to build something else, even though he’s like Mozart sometimes – going crazy with the amount of creations in his head screaming to get out night and day.  And my daughter is no better, as every item she bakes or neat design she’s found on something, or scrap piece of paper with a drawing idea on it becomes priceless, in spite of the volume she churns out every single day.

Still, I can understand this.  And I want to support and feed their individual genius’, while still maintaining some sense of order.  So I encouraged the kids to take photos.  Which for the most part, takes away the fear they each have about losing a special memory of a creation, or special item.  However, they don’t have their own cameras yet, so they swipe mine.  Sometimes I don’t find out until later while I’m downloading photos of my crochet or something. 

Here’s a sampling of the items I found on my camera today….

Jessica's Pumpkin Pie

Jessica wants to practice drawing the rose, hence photo before giving shirt away
They took a picture of the blinkin' light!

They took a picture of the blinkin' light!

JT's Lego Adventure Story (He's thinking up a comic book)

JTs Lego Skeleton

JT's Lego Skeleton is going to get you!

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