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May Gog Be With You, Wherever You Are…

Difference_Between_A_Duck_Avatar_MrDuck2This is the message that greeted me as I opened up an email this morning to look at one of those “forwards” someone sent me.   You, one of those emails that urges you to check something out, even though you know you’ve already received it a bazillion times already from others and it’s likely to be a hoax too?  Yeah, one of those.  But I don’t mind.  Sometimes I actually see something new, or read something I’m glad I read again.  The rest I ignore.  It has to be truly exceptional before I get drawn into the forwarding chain.   I don’t care if everyone’s doing it – I’ve never been much of a joiner.

My collectible "Grog" cup, from the B.C. Comic.

But this?  Hah!  Totally caught my quirky bone!  I found myself hearing people sneeze and variations of “Gog bless you child.”  Or “Gog is watching you!”  “Gog damn it!”  and “The Holy Son of Gog….”  And to think I might not have opened that email! Then to push the quirky fever further, it also kinda sounded like one of my favorite B.C. characters – Grog – a mug of which is my latest addition to my collection of quirky and fun coffee mugs.  Grog bless this drink!  Hahaha! 😀

Yeah, I know the notation from the unknown forwarder, down the list of forwards attached, meant to type God.  Though the forward was yet another one of those urban legends people keep forwarding so they never die, I found myself appreciating that Gog was with me, wherever I am!  It was a smile and a comforting feeling this morning no matter how irreverent it might be.  God?  Me and Him go way back.  Gog though, whoever he might be, or whatever – gnome maybe, was also with me.  On my side, rooting for me.  And thanks to God, we were now introduced. How awesome!

Gog be with you!  Have a happy day!  And may all your typos bring joy to those who read them!   😉

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