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The Gift of Chocolate…

Today, I gave the gift of chocolate to my dear mother in law.

It’s been a long day with good rewards.  And my inlaws kept the kids for me today so I could sign contracts and deliver a collection of my crochet work to the Gold Coat Inn, a local bed and breakfast.  (A nice one too!)  Take a look at the link – it’s a really pretty place.  And it looks so nice all decorated up for Christmas right now too. 

This lovely place has a gift shop full of work from local artists.  If you’re in the area, or visiting sometime, go check it out.  They have weddings there and events.  It’s so pretty, I think I’ll just have to come up with an excuse to plan an event there.  The folks there are lovely and they’ve really worked hard turning this old farm house into a wonderful retreat.

Anyway, my inlaws are also wonderful folks and they kept the kids for me today and will for me again tomorrow while I do the HeartLink Holiday Extravaganza in downtown Round Rock at The Party Palace at 208 West Bagdad.  We’ll be there from 10am-12 noon for sure, perhaps until 2pm or so, depending on how much shopping folks want to do. 

So I brought “Nana” chocolate today.  A bag full.  Chocolate macadamia nuts covered in milk and dark chocolate from Sprouts no less.   Hope you’re jealous!

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