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My Head Hurts And I Want To Go To Sleep…

Instead I’m staying up to write for NaBloPoMo. Today’s show was a flop.  We had only two customers show up for the show total.   

But it’s really no loss – it was a beautiful day!  

We ended the show early due to no shoppers and my in-laws were keeping the kids.  So I decided that my plan of action would be to head over to Star Co. to grab a bite to eat first.  And then to finish working on a custom order I need to deliver this weekend, before I headed home to unload the car so there would be room to carry kids home.  

Icy Green and Snowy Lilac Teddy Bear Hats in Progress (Adult)

I’m putting together two teddy bear hats for a returning customer so he’ll have a choice.  He’d originally thought of an icy green for a birthday gift for a friend of his, but I was all out of icy green.  So we settled instead on a lilac teddy bear hat.  And then, I found some icy green alpaca yarn!  So he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m finishing off both colors so he’ll have a choice I know he’ll be happy with either way.  Whatever he decides against will either go in my Etsy store, or will be added to the collection in the gift shop at the Gold Coat Inn.   You can see a photo of what I’m working on here.  

Just as I loaded the last box and bag to leave for StarCo Coffee Shop, the snow flurries started.  At first, there were only a spotty bit here and there, almost like a few summer bugs.  After I got to Star Co., however, the snow began to really snow.  Not just flurries, but enough snow coming down on Main Street that it really looks a little like fog for a bit.  It wasn’t sticking and melted when it touched the ground.  But it was sooooo pretty!  I really enjoyed eating lunch and watching the “weather” anomaly outside.  We haven’t seen any snow in years.   

Though the show didn’t turn out, some folks are going to send me info on a couple other shows for next week.  A few other folks might be interested in possible future custom orders with me and one mentioned planning on visiting the bed and breakfast to see more of my stuff.  Then later I came home to find I sold another pattern online.  Very cool.  I feel so blessed today.  

I hope everyone had a profitable Friday and that you have a wonderful weekend.   

Go Longhorns!

UPDATE: My customer chose the icey green, so the lilac bear hat will be joining either my Etsy store listings, or heading out to the Gold Coat Inn.  If you want it – email me!  worx (at) pixieworx.net.

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