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Speed Limit 180 – Kids Rock Band in Round Rock…

Tonight we hung out at Junior’s Grill and Ice House in Round Rock to listen to Speed limit 180 jam some tunes.  My daughter goes to school with the bass player and one of the lead guitarists and we’ve known them and their family for 4 years now.  Hard to believe they are growing into such young ladies and rockers at that.  They play an awesome variety of rock from Beatles to Pat Benetar and even a song they composed themselves.

It’s so exciting and I look forward to the day all our kids and families can perform together from time to time.  I’m waiting on Danny Ray’s to get their rock band program together for my kids.  Been watching their store for awhile and waiting for the finances to work out.  It’s way past time, with us as musical parents, for our kids to get involved with music they love best and get some professional training.  And I still want my family garage band dream to come to life someday. 

I think it’s awesome that Junior’s has been supporting this young band.  This is their third show now, and first Saturday night show.  The place was packed with mostly standing room only!  We ate burgers, yelled and clapped and I tried to crochet a little.  My mother-in-law is in need of a scarf since her visit down here has turned out colder than expected.  So of course, I’ll be taking care of that little problem!

All in all, a fun night with friends who are somewhat like family.  In a community that really is supportive.  Thanks Junior’s for showing your heart and soul.  I live downtown and already patron your place from time to time, but you never cease to impress me with your community involvement, which makes me choose to support you even more. 

And Speed Limit 180 – keep up the hard work and best of luck!

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  1. March 29, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Julia — You may not remember me, but we met sometime back at the Maker Fair, about two years ago. We talked crochet for a while, and I was with my twin daughters. You referred me to http://ravelry.com too. Anyway, I saw this post and wanted to say hi. My girls are also in the band. One is a guitarist and the other is the keyboardist. At the performance you saw, they did a duet together of “All I Want For Christmas”.

    I’m still crocheting, but only a little here and there. I’m now a freelance photographer and have been busy with that. I’m the band’s photographer, and I have pictures of them on my website at http://brogdonimages.com, if you’d like to take a look. Hope you’re doing well, and still crocheting! I’ll watch your blog too! Take care!

    Best regards,

    • April 12, 2010 at 9:44 am

      Hi Sylvia! From your description I do remember! What a small world! That’s awesome – I had no idea at any of the gigs that I was connected to anyone other than the girls from school. Congrats on the photography business too. Verna has talked about your help with photographing the band.

      Yep, I’m still crocheting and designing. A little less right now as we try to get pre-ready for a move. Hopefully! Maker Faire did not return last year and I did less shows this past year. Which gave me time to focus on developing patterns to sell. A little harder for me to write down what I do since it isn’t exactly typical.

      This is my everyday blog mostly for my writing outlet. My crochet blog is at http://AberrantCrochet.wordpress.com. Though I do post about crochet here too (it’s part of my life, so of course).

      I’m going to enable your photography link in your comment so others can click on it. Thanks for stopping by and for your note!


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