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I Had Chocolate Cake For Breakfast….

I’ve been craving it for days. Chocolate cake and coffee – it was yummy!

One of my favorite childhood memories is having warm chocolate cake with no icing and a smidge of butter, eaten just like corn bread, with my grandmother. She had this great simple recipe called a cocoa mayonnaise cake. Essentially, you use mayonnaise to replace the eggs and butter.  However, after I mixed up Grandma’s recipe last night, I discovered I had no mayonnaise to use.  Honestly, I only keep it around for this recipe and tuna salad.  So I don’t buy it often.  I substituted two eggs, a dash of mustard and half a cup of oil.  I prefer grapeseed oil, but I’m out right now.  Instead I used extra virgin olive oil.  Two eggs was probably more than mayonnaise would have provided, but it worked fine and came out light and fluffy.  I also prefer to use whole brown sugar. 

So I had a warm, yummy piece of chocolate cake this morning with my coffee and thought of Grandma.  And Bill Cosby.  Speaking of… I think I’ll look him up on Twitter and follow him!

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