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Networking on the Fly…

Today will be a busy, busy day.  Two of my shows have been cancelled recently, not to mention this year in general (call it the economy or I don’t know what), so I’ve been looking for replacement possibilities.  Most of my income for crochet comes in the cold months, so losing out on my usual face to face venues puts a dent in my overall business picture.

There is a networking group forming in my area for women in business, which is putting together a little show tomorrow.  So I will be going.  Most of the ladies are selling Mary Kay or the like.  I will likely be the only artist.  I have found I like the networking groups, because I have received some referrals and it’s not like there are a bunch of other crocheters showing up to network.  But also because I pass some of my work around for folks to touch and get immediate response and support. 

You see, my crochet stuff looks great, but until you touch it, you just don’t know how incredibly soft and different most of it is.  It is a constant struggle for me when it comes to marketing.  And I have to market to sell and I have to sell to make enough to do my charity work.  Everything has to pay for itself somewhere. 

I strive to create beautiful style out of yarns that are incredibly soft and have very little structure.  Normally those kinds of fibers are floppy in nature, because they are so soft.  I work with them into shapes, so there is more style to them than a floppy rag.  However, most everyone exclaims they had no idea until they touched it, just how unique it really is.

Anyway, folks who have touched my work, even if they don’t buy it, will pass on to others that they have touched the most incredible crochet somewhere.  This kind of networking does help me.   And it gives me the opportunity to introduce more folks to Spirit Jump and my crochet charity aspirations.

After the show this afternoon, I will be rushing to get food together, because I am also hosting a potluck tonight for my spiritual group.  We’ll do a little networking there too.  So it’ll be a long day with lots to do.   I’ll let you know how it goes!

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