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I Totally Blew NaBloPoMo for December…

Though it seems there was good purpose in the process.  An opportunity became available to dear hubby from out of state that just could not be turned down.  This was just before our 14th anniversary this month, mind you.  But then, miraculously, things fell into place for my in-laws to keep the kids and for me to be able to go with him.  It is the first time in 12 years we have traveled alone – without children – together.  And the first “more than just a night” break away from both kids in about 8 years for me. 

I love my kids, but this trip was wonderful.  And well needed.   Not only did dear hubby get business taken care of, I even made some contacts and sold a hat too!  Go figure!  A lot of fun.  You forget what it’s like to make decisions that don’t have to take into account kids and homework and other daily routines.  And I met a lot of great people.  After a year of trials and hurdles, this was a wonderful blessing and note to end the year on and celebrate life and future together.

So I blew it for NaBloPoMo this time.  Guess I get to add the “I Blew It” badge to the other already on my page.  Oh, and that hat pictured next to my Nov 2009 badge?  It sold just before I left!  I hope they enjoy it.

Well certainly, it’s back to work here at home again, even though the kids are home from school one last week.  Tax time is around the corner and sales tax even sooner.  Paperwork really isn’t my favorite thing, virtual or hard copy.  I’m trying to catch up on a miriad of things and to motivate myself to finish a certain amount of less than attractive chores (sigh).  I almost want to kick and squeak, “But wait!  Only a week ago I was queen!”

Ha – C’est la vie.

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  1. onsundaymorning
    December 31, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Haha, I blew it too! At least you got a good trip out of it. I was just lazy.

    • December 31, 2009 at 4:29 pm

      There’s always the next month – right? 😀 Thanks for visiting and best of luck to us both in January!


  2. January 4, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Mrs. J! Very glad to hear (err, read) you had a wonderful Christmas and a well-deserved r&r. 14th anniversary? Woah. Not many people (young people) I know that can make such a claim! Awesome. Is there an “I Crashed & Burned NaBloPoMo Before Liftoff” badge? ‘Cause that’s the one I should slap on my blog. Totally forgot to enroll on the January blogroll, even after getting the e-mail reminder. Who’s the embodiment of forgetfulness? ME. Pshh. Maybe February. lol

    Take care! 🙂

    • January 4, 2010 at 12:54 pm

      Hey Siegfried! No badges for that yet, but you can make one to share and post in the January html badge comments, if you have the skills! If it’s any consolation, I nearly blew it on both the 1st and the 2nd! Hard to remember such things when the very nature of holidays changes your routine.

      Next time you see that email, click and enroll right then! lol!

      Yeah, the break was great and yes, it’s been 14 years together, nearly 21 since we met. Kind of a mind trip really. Time flies way too fast and my kids are getting grown too soon. So much I still want to do before they leave the nest. I think we all have idealistic ideas though. Life seems to be about dreaming and then doing what you can, knowing that not everything works out the way you first envision.

      Happy New Year Siegfried! 😀

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