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Want A Chocolate Covered Ant With That Rant…?

“Hey, want a chocolate ant with that rant?  Instead of a bit of cheese with that wine?” my son quips.  Only to be immediately followed by “YO-DA! Y-O-D-A, Yoda! Give me a SO-DA! Yo-yo-yo-yo-YoDAaaaaaa!”

He bellows his own arrangement of the Weird Al Yankovich version of Lola at the top of his lungs while unloading the dishwasher. 

Quirky kid.  He impressed us tonight.  We told him that he could not play computer games today.  He spent most of his free time yesterday on the computer.  He loves strategy games.  But we don’t allow the kids to spend too much time on the computer (for him) or with their nose in a book (for his sister).  Either one is escapism that needs to be kept structured for either kid’s personality, lest each live in their chosen worlds (books or computers) and not the real one.  They get some escape, but they need some real life mixed into their “spare” time too.

So, dear son was bored and had finished all his homework and chores.  It was close to bed time and he couldn’t play on the computer.  So he asked if he could help pack up the Christmas ornaments and take down the tree.  Hubby and I looked at each other.  “Sure!”  Silently thinking to ourselves, do not argue with that!

Our son confessed later that it was his idea to keep from being bored and having something to do while being helpful.  He’s only 10, but what?  Is that a hint of maturity…?

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