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Easy Homemade Cereal Bars – A Recipe….

Here’s a recipe we love that uses up old cereal. 

I hate throwing out good food.  So when cereal gets a little stale, I toast it (remove any raisins or other fruit, etc. during the toasting) and make this.  (Actually you can toast the cereal and eat it as cereal if you want.)  The family LOVES it.  You can mix nuts and other things in too, so this is a basic bare bones recipe that can be customized.  And of course you don’t have to use stale cereal. 

You don’t have to toast the cereal either, but I do think it tastes better since it soaks up the gooey liquid.  The crispier to start the better.

Homemade Cereal Bars
Quick and Easy No-Bake Recipe!  

1 cup dark corn syrup (for a maple flavor, use pancake syrup) 
 ·                  1/2 cup dark brown sugar 
 ·                  1 cup peanut butter  
 ·                  3 teaspoons vanilla   
 ·                  7 cups toasted cereal (oatmeal, corn/bran flakes, granola, crispy rice, oat rings, anything will work)  
  ·          ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips or candy-coated chocolate 

            To toast, spread in single layer on cookie sheet for 1-2 minutes (watch it closely) under broiler.  Don’t toast raisins or fruit.

Grease bottom and edges of a 12×9 pan with spray or a finger dipped in grapeseed oil.  Combine sugar and corn syrup in saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and add peanut butter and vanilla.  Stir until smooth. Fold in toasted cereal mix. Fold in choc chips. Pour mix into the greased pan. Use WET hands to press the mix into the pan evenly. Cool at room temperature or stick in the fridge. Cut into bars or tear into bites if you can’t wait.  (Pizza cutter works great!)  Store in an airtight container.

🙂 You may share this recipe as long as you include my name (Julia Chambers) and a link to my blog and/or this post. 🙂

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