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March 2010 Nablopomo – The Strange…

So it’s a new month and I’m trying to get back on that daily blogging horse.  A myriad of wonderfully adventurous things (I am being somewhat sarcastic) have be fallen me of late which has also gotten in my way of the daily writing habit.  But we shall try again in March.  So far, my only truly successful month has been November 2009!  Good grief!

This month’s general Nablopomo theme is “the strange.”  Usually I ignore the theme at least part of the month.  But somehow, I’m thinking this theme will be easy for me to keep up with.  “Strange” is what this blog is often about.  And certainly, it has often been the theme of my life.  If something unusual can happen, it usually happens to me.

Still, I’ve worries that this month may have issues as well.  I must go see Grandma Dorothy.  If you’ve been checking out my blog, then you know she is one of the primary forces behind the crochet work I do.  She is 90, fighting Lymphoma.  It’s been over a year since I was able to visit and I keep having dreams about her.  For me, that’s significant.  My dreams alone are another story.  But Grandma, I need to get to her soon.

What does that mean in terms of blogging?  Well, IF Grandma still has any internet connection (Grandpa used email, not her, so if it’s up it’s because Dad is using it when he’s over there), it’ll be dial-up.   And two years ago when I tried to use her connection, it was hit or miss.  Also, my purpose for being there is for her, not me.  So if I miss a few days of writing, so what.  Still, it would also be a great time to get some memories down in writing.  Once Grandma’s gone, I’ll have less reason to go home.  And her house, which I grew up visiting so much, will be sold.  (sigh)  Life in these times makes me sad.  There will be plenty to write about and I will likely bring my laptop and strive to write and record anyway.

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