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“Resurrection…” – A Flash Fiction Sci-Fi Short

A blinding flash of light carved through the darkness and engulfed the crowd.  In an instant the people, and the ground around them, fused together into a single mass of earth.  The newly fused block of earth hung in mid-air, appearing like a slice that had been removed from a mountain side.

Alpha-24 could barely contain his excitement. The first phase of the experiment was complete.  Now to take a sample and confirm the expected results.

A crack began to form and grow at the top of the stone.  Steadily, a sonic wedge split the stone in half, like a piece of firewood.  With a boom the two pieces fell to the ground.

It was already obvious that something was wrong, even before the sample could be retrieved.   In shock Alpha-24 rushed forward.

Merged with the stones lay a mangled sea of stick figures.  The process had fused and condensed the bones down into a complex rubbery mass.  All the flesh was gone.  What was left resembled something of a cross between tree roots and rubber bands mixed throughout the dirt.

Reaching out to the sample already emerging from the pre-calculated extraction point, he gingerly cradled a tiny, protruding and distorted limb.  It wiggled like a spring at his touch.  Horror replaced shock in his system and rushed up like a wellspring through his soul.  He turned and wretched.

This didn’t make any sense.  What he witnessed before him defied all scientific logic he knew.  At the height of their scientific prowess, his people were meant to be the preservers of Mankind, not their anathema.  They brought their own technology which they used on their own species.  Alpha-24 had been appointed head of the Earth Preservation and Resurrection Project.  This was supposed to be a great day for Mankind and a proud achievement for his people.

The art of preservation was old consistent science on their world and in other areas of the galaxy they traveled; something his people had been experts on for generations.  There was no reason for preservation not to work.

The mangled bones before him defied all sense of logic and education.  What a truly magnificent wonder were these humans who defied the very laws of nature that they understood to be universal?

Somehow obviously the laws they relied upon were not, universal that is.  The preserving process should have worked, but it did not.  In spite of their vast scientific advancement, his people’s long-relied on methods did not work here.  The only other preservation left was diamond encasement.  But with these sickening results, Alpha-24 did not dare desire to test that out as well.  His people’s scientific methods were faulty on this planet and they needed to discover why.

His mind scrambled through the despair of becoming humanity’s executioner vs. savior.  If there was any chance of reversing events, he had little time to act.  His little test had been unauthorized, since the technology was considered to be so concrete that testing was an unnecessary waste of time and resources.  The council was intent on preserving the entire planet Earth at once, and in one piece, for future Resurrection.

In his excitement at heading the project, Alpha-24 had not been able to restrain himself from a self-indulgent “pre-peek” of the grand result his family’s name would surely be attached to.  Sobered at the realization of the horrific truth, a spark of hope suddenly stirred within him.  Perhaps his selfish deed of vanity could serve a greater purpose after all and save his people from becoming the destruction of the human race they sought to preserve.

He turned and looked around the stones and into the terrified eyes of other humans cowering around the pit that had formed there.  Like deer they were frozen in shock.

Tears rolled down Alpha-24’s face.  As much despair as he now felt, there was no time for self-pity.  He must do something and quickly.

“You.  There,” he pointed at a man hiding behind a stone.  “Come work for me,” he said.

“To save your planet, I must hide amongst your people.  To do this successfully, I will need your help.  I do not know why our science failed you.  Our people came with the intent to preserve your place in the Universe.  But if I do not do this, what you have witnessed here will befall everyone.  I will pay you and take care of your every need.  Help me save your planet from certain genocide.”

Alpha-24 picked up a piece of equipment, put it in front of the man to carry, loaded his hover cart and turned to walk away.  Stunned, hesitant, but with understanding beginning to sink in, the human picked it up and followed him out of the park.


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(Taken from last night’s dream…)

All material Copyright ©2010 by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.

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