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Well, I blew it for NaBloPoMo again….

Well, so far November is the only NaBloPoMo I have successfully achieved the goal of posting every single day.  A holiday month – go figure.

And here we are winding up March, where the monthly NaBloPoMo theme has been “The Strange” for this month, which should leave the doors wide open for a whole lot of fodder for a blog about the quirky things in life.

And yet, I failed.


Ah well, I think it goes to prove something though….  I think I need to set a goal to write once a week.  Not every day.  I think it’s too hard to wrap my head around and I wear way to many hats.  Some of which I need to figure out how to give away.

Part of the problem is trying to keep up with too much.  And then part of the problem is I get tired of talking about some things.  Talking about fixing the house was exciting at one point; not any more.

I want to write about some good stuff, like great news about my son’s eyes and dysgraphia.  Information I know other mothers out there are looking for.  But I need to take time to do a proper article on it with resources.  That’s not a blog post I want to half-ass.

There’s fiction I like to experiment with, but I just haven’t had time.  I haven’t even had enough sleep to put my mind to that.

There’s crochet I just designed and need to design, but I’m barely crocheting right now.  My hands have been sore since the holidays, I packed up most of my yarn and I can’t focus on crochet and home repairs at the same time.  Though I still can’t sit still while waiting for my kids, so I have recently brought some tunisian with me and churned out 3 scarves using a tri-color tunisian effect.  I felt guilty because after packing up yarn and tools since we’re trying to get closer to moving, I stopped by Joann’s and bought yarn and a hook, because a fellow mom was going to be a half hour late meeting me to deliver my daughter after a sleep-over.

There’s my car nearly seizing after an oil change, having to sell it for junk and buy a new vehicular device. I have no idea how this is all going to work out financially, because now was not the time we planned to add this expense.  But I do love my new truck and not having to drive an old car from the last century anymore.

There’s  missing out on getting to see Grandma after-all.  We’ll have to wait till summer now I think.  Which I don’t particularly feel like talking about.  Because our son needed eye testing and glasses more.  And there’s his big TAKS test coming up that he has to pass, even though one of his eyes doesn’t work normally. And we don’t know if the recommendations for acomodations will be in time.  And I don’t feel like being gloomy on my blog.  Even if it is mostly for me.

And I guess that’s just it.  I’m feeling tired and gloomy these days.  And that combo doesn’t work well for me to write well.  Sure, I dump stream of consciousness out there, but not good writing.  Not even what I consider OK.

And I know that’s not the goal of NaBloPoMo.  I know that it’s just about getting into the habit of writing no matter what.  But I just haven’t felt much like talking virtually.  It’s been forever since I’ve had a good time playing cards with a group of college friends and talking for real.  I miss it.  And forever since I could say, “beer and pizza at my place, bring your tools and lets have a work party,” either.  And I guess I’m missing that too.   Life was simpler before I had to have paperwork.

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  1. Kristin
    March 31, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Suggestion for the dysgraphia: Try your son out with different colored papers – yellow, pink, blue, green, whatever. This sometimes helps kids (especially boys) read easier – and you don’t have to buy the expensive gels they want to sell you. Once you figure out the correct color, order colored film and cut out strips. I have been using this technique for about ten years. I don’t have a kid with dysgraphia, but I am an English teacher in a public high school.

    • March 31, 2010 at 7:43 pm

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a little confused by the term “film” as it’s used in your comment. But if you mean clear colored cellophane, that makes sense. We used to do something like that in some of the special education training classes I took way back when. Our son’s eye issues are actually far deeper though. He will be undergoing visual therapy and it turns out his rare eye condition doesn’t give the warning signs most people look for. A side effect is that even though he appears to read like anyone else orally, his brain actually does not read in a straight line at all. And the information from one of his eyes is being ignored either mostly or completely by his brain as well. Even with the best correction through glasses, it turns out he would never be able to drive without therapy. So he’ll begin visual therapy in a couple weeks.

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