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I Think I Just Realized Something – How I Experience Pure Joy….

When we replaced the last ceiling fan, we let our son take it apart. Before we realized it, he truly had it into tiny component pieces. He has a knack for figuring things out. Today he showed me how he took a Transformer (toy) apart and figured out what was not working and fixed it.  As he explained it to me, “Apparently, Mom, whoever made this toy put the parts inside in backwards, so the gears could not engage.  So when I figure it out, I flipped them over and now it works.”

I had told John before that I honestly thought an after school program letting kids take things apart and remaking new items with parts would be cool. My dad kept boxes of spare parts from all sorts of stuff when I was a kid. He still does and now works for contracts essentially making stuff that fits their needs. He didn’t like us kids digging in and playing in his parts, but we did anyway.

And I’ve had this weird obsession with the idea of having a business all about recycling parts and teaching life skills. Just not enough resources right now. In a world with Instructables and Maker Faire today, it’s nice to know it’s not really that strange of an idea afterall!

I’m a huge fan of Instructables and met them at Maker Faire Austin a few years ago. I demo’d crochet at Maker Faire when they were in Austin. So much fun. Miss them. Wish they’d come back to Austin.  But anyway, for a great DIY site, check Instructables out.

Add to that The Tinkering School and MythBusters and others and you clearly see it’s the world of innovation, invention and tinkering and it’s something that deep inside makes me smile.  Like all the time.  Like the smile never fades. And videos of Rube Goldberg Machines like this just make me grin and giggle from ear to ear.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w

Deep inside, it’s a joy spark for me.

Why can’t dishes be like that?

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