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Microwaved Marshmallow Fun…

So some new yarn friends on Twitter, @YarnChic_Knity, @spinndiva and I (@AberrantCrochet) were all chatting about roasting marshmallows, experimenting with those little dehydrated marshmallows from hot cocoa, wondering if they might explode, etc.. OK, it’s late at night and we’re having fun.  Then @YarnChic_Knity says if you put regular marshmallows in the microwave they get really big. So of course, having a bag of marshmallows on hand from the last camping trip, I just had to try.

You know what?  She’s right! And it only took 4 seconds to double in size!  So here are my photos, the first one being a before shot:

Un-microwaved marshmallow has no idea what it's about to go through

After 4 seconds!

Eight seconds the 2nd time was all it took to get this big!

Shrank down a bit after pulling it out

Oh, the tea pots? Just bought them at a garage sale down the road today. Aren’t they cute!

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