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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way of Writing…

Weekends are tough for me.  They are catch up times.  Today, I had a plan all laid out for the list of things I needed to get done.  I only got through part of it.  Two loads of dishes got done.  Vacuumed.  A load of laundry and some of the kids’ room.  A few more flowers were crocheted and yarn dolls made for the promos I pledged to donate this week.  Called my in-laws to see how they are.  Somewhere in there I managed to fix meals and unpack my suitcase.  Worked on my newsletter.  Answered some emails.  Wore my moderator hat twice.  Looked into credit card options for my business.  Promoted the show we’re having.  My daughter’s classmate has a birthday tomorrow, so making her a custom ear hat as a gift was added to the list.

I didn’t get to working on any crochet hooks or soft doll hats.  I didn’t work on bookmarks.  I didn’t get to the photos I’ve promised someone. I didn’t get the dining table and room cleared like I wanted and the washer still needs to be taken apart so I can look at the clutch.  Which means I need to empty the spaces around the washer so I can pull it apart.  And I still need to finish that hat in the morning, after my daughter can look it over and approve it before I snip the yarns and tie off.  We’ll be rushing madly around in the morning, trying to get it all done.

And I didn’t get to any writing.  Until now.

I look back on my day and try to figure out, gee, what could I use to write about for my blog today?  Most of it seems boring.

And then my mind turns to tomorrow’s tasks.  I need to find a table cover that will reach the floor for one of my shows.  And a magnet board. And I need to put the finishing touches on the newsletter and send it out.  And I should write another newsletter for the school recycling project.  I need to crochet at least four more flowers, two more scarves and five more doll hats.  I need to pay the gas bill. And I need to come up with the balance due for my son’s vision therapy.  He goes in Tuesday. And he needs to focus more effort on his vision exercises.  I have a meeting Wednesday night, PTO meeting Thursday and class Thursday night and shows all next weekend.  And I need to figure out accepting credit cards if I want to have half a dream of a chance to really maximize my show efforts this month/season/year.  Yet good lord, how do people afford data plans?


Sometimes it gets in the way.

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