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What Would Be The Dream Job Of A CEO?

I’m feeling reflective today….

You know, it’s funny in life.  We have all these assumptions.

We think skaters are a certain personality.  That artists are lumped over here.  That sales people are over there.

That writers are over here, unless they’ve been published – and then they are over there in a whole new category to themselves.

Bloggers – well, if they have a massive following on Twitter, then stick them in this box and if they don’t – eh, the wannabees are over there.

Musicians, depends on whether you’re cool, refined or lame.

Politicians, handle with care and keep them separated.

Lawyers, total love/hate isn’t it?  You just know you want one for you, not against you! Unless you are one, you don’t mingle.

Judges, do not step side-ways.  They are demi-gods.

Government workers, hey they’ve got it made right? And scientists are too smart for the general populace.

The cowboy, the farmer, the clerk, the accountant.

The customer service rep who takes your complaints, the wait person you didn’t tip.

Teachers, parents, students, seniors, the child-less, the mother-less, the father-less, the parent-less.

The oldest, the youngest, middle child syndrome, the only child.  Each of these think they are missing out on something big that one of the others has, when really – they aren’t missing out on much of anything.  If they were to trade places, they’d say, “This is it?”

Small business, big business, micro-business. The sole entrepreneur and the inventor.

The rich, the poor, the married, the single, male, female.

All the suppositions we make… about their every day reality….

We use those labels and we judge souls.

We assume that a CEO has it made and is living his dream.

“Everyday” folks often ask – “If money was not an issue, and you had no worries, what would you do? Who would you want to be?”

I wonder if we asked “big business” CEOs of the world that question, what their answers would be?

People assume, they’ve got to be well off and drunk on power, right?  All their wishes are granted.  They never worry about how they are going to pay for their son’s medical care, much less their own.  Right?  They can do anything they want.  They are rolling in money, right?  They have all the power.

Really?  Have you ever been a CEO to know this?  Do you know the load of responsibility they carry on their shoulders?  The well-being of all the people under them?

Do you think they stop dreaming? Stop being human? Just because of a title?  Are they safer the higher they climb the ladder?  Or do they look over their shoulder and worry for the safety of their children even more?  To do what they have to do in their jobs, are their expenses smaller or larger?  Do they have time to cook their meals, even if they want to?  Are they more self-sufficient or less?  Do they ask for help more often or less?  Does everyone want more or less from them?

As I wonder these things, I look at my own worries in life.  Currently I’m trying to pay for an MRI, my son’s vision therapy and my mastoid treatment and migraines.   Finally just paid off hubby’s life-flight.  Theses are a drop in the bucket of things that could be wrong.  I  know of people who work 60+ hour weeks to pay for their child’s cancer or autism or a myriad of heart-breaking things that could be wrong.  That insurance really doesn’t cover.  I know of people who have pushed and sacrificed to be sure their mother is taken care of in her elderly years.  How much money would that take? Isn’t that almost every child’s wish? To grow up, make enough money so their parents will never have to worry again?  Make sure they’ll have the best medical care in their old age?  And make them proud? Repay them for the grey hairs and sleepless nights going over bills and caring for sick children. To eradicate the worry over where the next meal is going to come from and the money for the next bill?  To remove the thought, maybe we should just leave the heat off tonight, and a meal of rice and beans from the table forever.

Isn’t it interesting that so many of the “rich” and successful today grew up poor?  So isn’t that laudable?

What if they had no worries?  No obligations?  No expectations?  No family pressure.  No one depending on them to do what they do?

What dream would they be?  What would they have been?

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