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I’m So Frustrated: Thanks to My Math, I Gave Away A Free Scarf Today…

I had a good show at FlatFork Studio for the East Austin Studio Tour  (E.A.S.T.).  Super thanks to Faith, who is a totally awesome person as well as artist who invited us to come out and set up with her studios.  And thanks to Samantha who helped coordinate and make it possible for members of our EtsyAustin Team to be a part of it.

I also recently signed up for SquareUp, an application that allows artisans like me to take credit cards without having to sign any contracts or pay any annual or monthly fees.  Perfect for me since in the Austin area, most of my crochet work only sells Nov – Dec and sometimes Oct or Jan.  It’s actually pretty awesome and the fees are really, really reasonable.  And lucky me, most of my sales ended up being credit card or debit card sales.  I would not have made but a tiny amount of sales if it were not for being able to take credit cards.  Thanks to the folks at Square Up.  I really wish they had an affiliate program.  I’d sign up in a heart beat!

However, the service does not allow me to figure up tax in the application.  I had to figure it up real quick on a calculator and add it in.  Today someone bought two items,  when all my other sales were single items.  I figured out the tax on the two items and then added the total tax to just one item, forgetting to include the second.  So I just gave a handmade scarf, made with (I just checked my design notes) 5 skeins of yarn, for free after I already offered a discount for the weekend to help encourage sales.

Argh.  I’m pretty angry with myself.  I can’t really afford to make mistakes.

So it does cause me to question not making out a formal paper receipt.  I would not have made the mistake on a handwritten carbon receipt. Or even using an adding machine.

I don’t think.

Guess I have to chalk it up to a learning curve expense.  Wonder if that’s tax deductible?

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