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And the Painful Truth Shall Set You Free….

John and I both had splitting headaches all day.

Kids seemed fine, but we felt awful. I was worried we’d been exposed to something and were coming down sick.

On top of that, the last two days I just haven’t been able to get going in the morning as well. John felt the same. I kept thinking today, what’s wrong with me? I can’t get focused like usual.

Well, with a howl from John tonight, we discovered why.

My emergency run to the store for coffee Saturday night (because there was no way I wanted to do without coffee Sunday morning) was not as fruitful as I thought. I accidentally grabbed decaf……!

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I’m Totally a Crochet Geek Now….

It just occurred to me that the phrase in the popular club song “Like a G-6” (by Far East Movement) could be applied to a crochet hook……

::head slap::

It’s official – I’m a geek.

And the sad thing is that I would totally, totally make a spoof video too.

Maybe I will.

Update: I also posted this to the CLF group on Ravelry.  So far the consensus is that I must make this video. Guess I’ll see what I can do….!

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Microwaved Marshmallow Fun…

So some new yarn friends on Twitter, @YarnChic_Knity, @spinndiva and I (@AberrantCrochet) were all chatting about roasting marshmallows, experimenting with those little dehydrated marshmallows from hot cocoa, wondering if they might explode, etc.. OK, it’s late at night and we’re having fun.  Then @YarnChic_Knity says if you put regular marshmallows in the microwave they get really big. So of course, having a bag of marshmallows on hand from the last camping trip, I just had to try.

You know what?  She’s right! And it only took 4 seconds to double in size!  So here are my photos, the first one being a before shot:

Un-microwaved marshmallow has no idea what it's about to go through

After 4 seconds!

Eight seconds the 2nd time was all it took to get this big!

Shrank down a bit after pulling it out

Oh, the tea pots? Just bought them at a garage sale down the road today. Aren’t they cute!

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Meet the Goblins….

I started making a fun series of completely One-Of-A-Kind crochet “Goblin Hats.”  And since I love to create with words as well as my hands, I started writing down the little stories that came to mind as I explored the personalities of each little “Goblin” in the making.  So here are a few of them – see what you think!

The Bubblegum Goblin

The Bubble Gum Goblin is a joyful little beast whose diet consists of jawbreakers, lollipops and of course bubble gum marbles.  It can be seen on occasion eating flowers for their rich colorful flavors.  A creature of pure giggles and sunshine, it can’t help but infect its host and passerby’s with smiles on end.

The Cotton Candy Goblin

The Cotton Candy Goblin is a silly little beastie born under an Aquarius moon.  Fearless, and  addicted to enthusiasm (and arguably a sugar rush or two for good measure), you just never know what this surprising little goblin will do with a caramel café mocha and a double shot of espresso.

The Christmas Goblin loves the winter holidays, what with the long nights and colorful lights.  Adorned in crimson and multicolor fashion, it can be found living up the night life while sipping hot peppermint cocoa and shopping for poinsettias.  A beastie of distinguished taste, the Christmas Goblin is both stylish and fun.  (Unfortunately, this one sold before I could get a photo of it first.)

The Spring Goblin

The Spring Goblin is a sing-songy little beast, hiding out in the tulips and lounging in the daffodils.  Gentle and caring, this creature loves gardens

The Cinnamon Goblin - Sold

and all the delights that come with them. Sun-shiny and fun, this goblin can be found tending new growth, and frog-hopping with faeries.

The Cinnamon Goblin is a spicy little beastie, born under a Scorpio moon.  Sly and chic, adorned in crimson and indigo, it is a creature of the Twilight.  Hiding a cunning intellect under its quirky sense of humor, it can be found sipping martinis and dancing the Salsa, all the while planning world domination.  (Now sold.)

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Coffee Good – Geography Bad….

“I thought South Padre Island was inside the US?”  I said, blearily reading the TV commercial ad between news scoops and sipping my coffee.  I did not sleep well (again) last night.  And no matter how you slice it, no matter how many good marks I got for other subjects, I’ve always sucked at geography.  Probably because I forget names (all names) so easily without a picture or experience to anchor with it.

“It is,” my husband says, giving me one of his patented wtf looks.

“But that commercial just said South Padre Island, Bahamas.  That’s not a US territory!” 

“It’s not in the Bahamas – it’s in Texas!” he exclaims, incredulous.  Duh, we live in Texas.  “Well, that’s what I thought, but that commercial…”  “Honey, they were talking about a “Paradise Island resort!”  And he’s the one who wears glasses.

It’s a good thing the kids have him.  He sucks at math, I suck at geography.  It evens out somewhere.

“Oh – well I wondered.  I thought I was getting my islands confused again!”

“Drink your coffee!”

Then from the corner my son pipes up, “Coffee gooood…..  Geography baaaadddd…..”

Guess I know what I’m writing about today….

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I Had Chocolate Cake For Breakfast….

I’ve been craving it for days. Chocolate cake and coffee – it was yummy!

One of my favorite childhood memories is having warm chocolate cake with no icing and a smidge of butter, eaten just like corn bread, with my grandmother. She had this great simple recipe called a cocoa mayonnaise cake. Essentially, you use mayonnaise to replace the eggs and butter.  However, after I mixed up Grandma’s recipe last night, I discovered I had no mayonnaise to use.  Honestly, I only keep it around for this recipe and tuna salad.  So I don’t buy it often.  I substituted two eggs, a dash of mustard and half a cup of oil.  I prefer grapeseed oil, but I’m out right now.  Instead I used extra virgin olive oil.  Two eggs was probably more than mayonnaise would have provided, but it worked fine and came out light and fluffy.  I also prefer to use whole brown sugar. 

So I had a warm, yummy piece of chocolate cake this morning with my coffee and thought of Grandma.  And Bill Cosby.  Speaking of… I think I’ll look him up on Twitter and follow him!

A Mother’s Surreal Moment #5987…

So I go by Sprouts on the way to pick up the kids from school. It’s kind of like a Trader Joes. And they have these great crunchy bavarian pretzels. Basically a larger gourmet size dehydrated pretzel.
So I pick up a bag of them and have it in the car to give some to the kids, because they are generally ravenous when I pick them up from school.

The kids get into the car, we’re heading down the road and they find out I have pretzels in the car.

“YAY! Those are my favorite!” my son quips.

And I start to feel the inner satisfaction a mother feels when she knows she got it right.

And then he goes on: “They have this interesting texture that when you break them makes the edges kind of rough. And when your lip itches from the salt, you can scratch your lip with the pretzel.”

…… :blink-blink: ……

Umm, gee – that was not at all what I expected to hear……!
My kid – go figure.

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