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If You’re Looking For Me Here, You Should Find Me Over There….

So it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything here at The Difference Between A Duck with any regularity.  It’s not that I don’t write.  In fact I write quite a bit.  It’s just that I have found myself struggling more and more with splitting my attentions across multiple blogs and other places that I write at.

You see, some years ago I used to think I needed multiple blogs and spaces to cover all my writing interests.  I mean, that’s the way it was supposed to be, right?  Particular subjects for particular blogs?

But I find today I’m not so sure anymore.  In some cases it makes sense, in others… sigh… maybe not so much.

I used to think that people liked to read what I write because of the subject material. And I think that’s still true to a degree.  However, I’ve come to realize it’s not really what I write as much as my style, friendliness and way of looking at the world that draws readers.  So in that case, it doesn’t really matter if each blog is perfectly themed or not.  If I will just naturally be me, that’s all anyone really cares about, no matter where I am.  And splitting my focus and attentions at this point only serves to water down what I do.  Better to have the one main punch I think.

And so instead of writing on four different personal blogs all the time, and instead of trying to keep TDBAD as my “writing personality” only and PW as handmade only and FQ as family only, I’ve pretty much now consolidated anything related to my quirky personality, loves and way of looking at the world over to my blog at Aberrant Crochet during the last year.

Now, I’m not saying I’ll never write a post here again.  I reserve the right to follow whatever whim I might.  Who knows what the future holds?  But for now, the way my life is stretched, I’m consolidating Pixie Worx, The Difference Between A Duck, Family Quirks and Aberrant Crochet all over at Aberrant Crochet.  In fact, when I do NaBloPoMo every November, that’s the blog I enter now, not TDBAD (this one) anymore.

So if you’re still subscribed here, you might want to mosey on over to Aberrant Crochet, if you haven’t already.  I’m also pretty active at micro-blogging over on Twitter as @AberrantCrochet as well.  So if you’re on Twitter, follow me there – and say hello if you do!  I love real peeps who actually interact and will follow you back if you do.  I don’t follow linkers though (people who only post links) so keep that in mind.  Twitter is truly social and it’s about developing relationships.  But more on that in a new blog post over at Aberrant Crochet.

So here’s the deal.  The articles already written will stick around (I’m not taking down these other blogs at this point), but if you want to find me where I’m most active now, head over to Aberrant Crochet and subscribe there.  It’s a lot more interesting and a lot more fun and with my schedule, that’s where my focus is now.  Way simpler to just be myself and write what I love all in one place.  Gee, what was I thinking after all?  Perhaps someday it will be conducive to write so much that I’ll need these other blogs again, but for now, one will do.  😉

Catch you on the flip side and thanks for following me there!

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My First Hockey Game – Texas Stars vs San Antonio Rampage!




Hubby’s friend hooked us up with floor seats. Fun!

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Messages in Mold?


For the quirky files……

So I look up in the shower today, looking over the scrubbing that I’ve neglected. I try to scrub a little every time I’m in there to make it easier.  Imagine my surprise when one grout crevice appeared to have formed the letters WRST.

Seriously? Now the walls are talking to me? Or the mold?

What could such a message mean? At first glance it looked like “wrist.”

An acronym maybe? Write a Reminder Sheet Too?

What would mold want to say to me?

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At the National Museum of the Pacific War






I’m a chaperone today for an 8th grade field trip. Here are some shots of what we’re seeing.

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Austin Craft Riot!

I can be found today and tomorrow at Austin Craft Riot.  The place to be this weekend! Photo booth, cocktails available in the lounge, free goody BOXES for the 1st 25 people through the door each day and 42 handmade artisans and vintage dealers. What’s not to love!

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Thank You BBC America…

My life is better with Dr. Who.  I am very much enjoying the show “End of Time”  tonight!  David Tennant – we will miss you!  Aside from Tom Baker, you are my next favorite Dr. Who!  (Remember, it was Tom Baker’s outrageous scarf that continued to inspire my creativity as a child!)

The 11th Doctor has big shoes to fill.

It’s a New Month!

After completing NaBloPoMo and NaBloWriMo for November, I decided to enroll in the December blogroll for NaBloPoMo and push myself further into the daily writing habit.

There’s a general theme for the month of December for NaBloPoMo of MITZVAH with a challenge “to give something, to someone, every day of the month, and then blog about it.” It’s not about just physical giving and it’s not required for every single post, but I think it’s great. Just the sort of thing up my alley and that I tend to write about in my new age circles. A “Pay It Forward” kind of energy.

Today, my gift was given at the grocery store. I’m never keen on spending time at the store. ANY store. And I really do not enjoy checkout lines either. And I’m one to always watch the pattern and flow of people to try and pick the fastest checkout lane so I can get the heck outa there asap. Today it wasn’t in my “plan” to even go to the grocery store at all, but we were in need of several items and I had to pick them up (I even forgot the most important – toilet paper). Ultimately, I wanted in and out. And though I might have considered the 20 items or under for the automated self checkout, I’ve found from experience that self-checkout is really not fast at all if you have more than a couple items. Invariably, I find the computers are much slower.

For some reason today, there were no manned speedy checkouts. Usually there’s at least one lane just for 10 items or less, with a real person to check you out fast. Not today.

I eyed the only three lanes available and saw that one was full, one had two folks, about to narrow down to one, and the last lane was just nearly empty. I was about to do what I usually do, take the lane with the least people.

But then I saw some harried folks across the store with seriously only a couple items in their hands. And it was obvious they were looking to make it to checkout asap. I could pick that faster lane fair and square, and they’d be stuck behind any one of us with baskets full. But I hesitated. And then I picked the lane nearby instead.

A moment later I watched relieved faces as a lady with a loaf a bread and jelly, followed by a man with a case of soda, skated into that nearly empty line. For a second I allowed myself to remember that enthusiastic feeling when you have to be quick and suddenly everything seems to go your way. That was the feeling spreading across their faces.  I was happy for them.  By the time I unloaded my cart onto the belt, the woman was long gone and the man was on his way out the door.

It’s true, I really wanted out of there. But this time, I had five minutes I could spare and I already knew what that feeling of “flow” felt like, when everything suddenly just goes your way and the world is yours.

Today was their day to flow.

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