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I Met Some Really Great Ladies Tonight…

I went to the Heart Link meeting in Leander tonight and met some really wonderful ladies.  I was a little worried about going at first.  I’ve been going non-stop and am feeling a bit drained from pushing myself with shows and volunteering for the school lately.  So when I walked into Keri’s house, I was feeling rather wilted, not very animated or out going.

I’ve known the hostess, Keri Byer, also founder of Austin Fairy Godmother Foundation, for a few years now.  And I met her friend Janis Jones who is helping her with Project Bling.  Keri’s always a gracious and awesome person.  And I met new people tonight as well.  Luckily, there was some awesome turkey chili from My Fit Foods for dinner.  That gave me some stamina and perked me up a bit.

I talked with Trish Beach for awhile about marketing and specifically marketing for artist types.  ‘Cuz it is different.  I’ve seen her site before, I know she’s helped Keri a lot and the two times I’ve seen her, she’s impressed me.  I’ve been looking for another bridge type, and I think she might be a good choice.  What I mean is someone who can be of both the creative mentality, as well as business mentality.  I prefer to walk the tight rope.  I was also really drawn to Sally Whitehouse’s microderma mitt body scrubs made from floss silk. I’m thinking I need one.

I also got to show off my hooks and talk about crochet, which was great as always.  And Keri bought my hat.  Like literally, it was my hat.  The one I made at the Crochet Liberation Front Conference at Cama Beach.  “I’ve been wearing it the last month,” I said.  “So, do you have cooties?” she replies.  I’m glad she will enjoy it.  I’ll have to make another.

I’m still processing all the information people presented and I need to get to bed since I’m chaperoning a middle school field trip at 7am.  So I’ll have to share more later.  But it was a nice night.

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